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We offer classic traditional Thai massage-massages as well as other aesthetic, relaxing and therapeutic services.
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Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with a traditional massage

Thai massage

Massage-massage from a centuries-old Thai tradition.
The caregiver uses his hands, feet, arms, elbows, knees to carry out his care.
The caregiver presses, rolls, bends, stretches ...
Thai massage can also treat various pain points in the body in order to provide relief.
If the need arises, it is good to repeat the treatment once a week.

Aromatic massage

Massage-massage with oils based on various plants and herbs beneficial to the body. It is a relaxing treatment that reduces fatigue and muscle stiffness.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage-massage is a traditional treatment practiced in Europe.
The techniques used are touching, lengthening, compression, rolling, friction, tapping more or less pronounced ... The caregiver focuses on muscle relaxation and this treatment is particularly suitable for people who have an office job, who work a long time

Hot herb pouch massage

Massage-massage with herbal pouches heated with steam and applied to different parts of the body. These herbs have long been used in Thailand.
It all starts with a treatment with lemongrass vegetable oil imported from Thailand as well, before applying the compress to various points of the body.
It helps stimulate blood circulation, helps reduce swelling. The treatment relieves muscle inflammation for women after childbirth and reduces symptoms of breast tightness.

Foot massage (reflexology)

The massaging treatment of the feet and especially the soles of the feet is a natural technique practiced and recognized since Antiquity which helps to regain a general balance of the body as well as good physical and mental health.

Foot reflexology uses acupressure on all of the feet. There are reflex zones on the feet, which represent every organ in the human body.
Pressure applied to the reflex points acts on tension, energizes and relieves the target organ.

Sports massage

The sports massage treatment is a muscle massage to relax. It helps relieve possible inflammation in a muscle.
The techniques used such as massage, strokes, long strokes, short strokes, more or less pronounced tapping, kneading, shaking, stretching, which help to stretch the muscles, relieve muscle spasms and improve the blood circulation.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage treatment is a traditional therapy that uses volcanic hot stones rich in minerals. Treatment can be used for body pain or symptoms of arthritis.
Thanks to the specific shape of these stones, this treatment is particularly suitable for muscles.
The heat can reach 50 to 53 ° but have no fear, the caregiver will know how to apply them to the skin without any pain or burning.
The heat seeps effectively deep and the deep muscles, if tense, relax.
It also helps, reduce stress, relieve pain and stiffness.
This treatment promotes good blood circulation, evacuates toxins and relaxes the muscles more deeply than a standard massage.

Facial massage

Facial massage releases the toxins that are there and prevents them from accumulating.

It relaxes the tensions and muscles of the face and helps the skin to be luminous and

Depending on the nature of your epidermis, the caregiver will use the most suitable massage oil for your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive skin).

"No erotic massage"

We take care of you with a wide range of treatments

Massage treatment with oils, hot stones, hot herb pouches. Traditional Thai massage, sports massage, arch massage. It's up to you to choose according to your preferences and needs!