SupaSpa Bien-Être

We offer classic traditional Thai massage-massages as well as other aesthetic, relaxing and therapeutic services.
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Relaxing massage treatments with therapeutic benefits. 

Let us take care of you

A competent Asian caregiver masters massage therapy techniques thanks to her long experience. 

Professional massage

We offer massage treatments from professional spa therapists. We refuse any service with a sexual aim.


Welcome to SupaSpa Bien-être. We offer traditional Thai massage treatments. These centuries-old massage therapy treatments are recognized for relaxation and well-being, but also for their therapeutic benefits, for the relief of muscle or joint pain. The quality of sleep is thus improved and contributes to a strengthening of the immune system. For best results, it is recommended to opt for repeated treatments.


Well being


Our Thai massages

Our Thai massage massages have Asian roots that are five thousand years old. Their goal is to balance the channels of energy that flow through our bodies. 

For an hour or more, the caregiver exerts pressure on the body: friction, touches, tapping, kneading on the 150 acupressure points of our body, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. This digitopuncture is a needleless acupuncture that helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation, detoxifies tissues and releases tension. 

Unlike the other massage treatments in our services, this act can be done without oil, through a sheet, a towel or even a light piece of clothing and this Thai massage is based on yoga and meditation postures. 

We take care of you with a wide range of treatments

Massage treatment with oils, hot stones, hot herb pouches. Traditional Thai massage, sports massage, arch massage. It's up to you to choose according to your preferences and needs!