SupaSpa Bien-Être

We offer classic traditional Thai massage-massages as well as other aesthetic, relaxing and therapeutic services.
Call us on 07 85 62 07 97 or visit us at 17 Place Charles Gounod in Les Sables d´Olonne. Welcome!


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SupaSpa Bien-Être
17 Place Charles Gounod
85180 Les Sables d’Olonne

RCS n° 901 236 075


Phone & WhatsApp
07 85 62 07 97


Lundi – Samedi 14:00h-20:00h

A treatment adapted to the needs of each one: relaxation, stress, musculoskeletal pain ...

The emphasis is on professional attitudes: posture, presence, quality of contact, welcome, listening.

We will also accompany you on practical aspects such as hygiene rules, indications and contraindications for massage.